You’ve seen the meme, but the story behind it is even better


It’s funny how much animals can change your mind, your day, or even your life! One man found that out in the most heartwarming way, and the cuteness ended up going viral in a meme.

“I don’t want a dog.”

“Im not a cat person. I hate cats!”

Why people fight it I’ll never understand. The animal always wins!

Vinicius Carleto’s 65-year-old father told him “I don’t want a dog in the house” after he suggested they rescue a dog from a local shelter.

But once Carleto got mom on board, his father conceded.

“He accepted Pitoco, but didn’t think much of him,” Carleto told The Dodo.

Just three months after they adopted little Pitoco, Carleto snapped this photo of his father and the dog wearing matching shirts.

Credit: Vinicius Carleto / The Dodo

Carleto said his father used to be stressed all the time and acted like a “grumpy old man.” But that all changed when Pitoco arrived.

“It seems dogs understand how we are feeling,” Carleto added. “And their companionship allows us to escape the daily stresses of life. That’s a very important thing.”

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