You won’t believe what these dogs are made out of and how they’re made!

We are used to seeing the most fascinating things on Instagram.

From the world’s most expensive watch, to James Francos weird semi-naked photos (yes we still remember those), to girls who can contour their faces to make them look like Angelina Jolie.

But today we have something much more bizarre, cute, and unusual for you to feast your eyes upon!

World’s most expensive watch – Credit: 1lanascolaro / instagram

For starters, take a look at this cute family of pug puppies! Aren’t they adorable?

Well, things aren’t as they seem!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

These incredible animal sculptures are edible.

They’re made from ice cream!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

We simply can’t get over how incredible the detail is!

And you might be surprised by the price.

Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

The glorious photos were shared by the Reddit user ‘Penguin4466’ who said the dessert cost justs 250nt, which is no more than 8 dollars!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

“I’d eat it, but I’d cry while doing so,” joked one user.

“This is the coolest and most horrifying thing ever,” added another.

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

The restaurant, named J.C. Co, is an Italian/European eatery, but they also specialise in ice cream… as you can tell!

Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

Here’s the proof that it is really mad of just ice cream!


Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

When asked to comment on the making process, the restaurant remained humble, simply stating ‘it’s just ice cream, made like all ice cream!’.