The world’s tallest man and world’s shortest woman met up and the photos are incredible

At an event organised by the Minister for Culture in Egypt, on January 27th the world’s tallest man met up with the world’s shortest woman!

Credit: Getty Images / Associated Press

The world’s tallest man in Sultan Kösen, a 31 year old from Turkey, stands at 8 foot 3 tall. On the other side of the spectrum, the world’s smallest woman is Jyoti Amge. She is from India and she is just 2 foot 1.

Sultan Kösen, 31, from Turkey stands 8’3″ tall. Jyoti Amge, 24, from India is 2’1″.

Therefore, Kösen is about four times higher than Amge!

Credit: Getty Images / Associated Press

In Nagpur, India, Amge is a TV personality. In her hometown, she is considered to be the manifestation of a goddess. She was also cast in a role for the fourth season of American Horror Story; Freak Show.

Credit: Getty Images / Associated Press

Unfortunately, because of his extreme height, Kösen wasn’t able to finish school. To support his family financially, he instead begun working as a farmer.

Although he was also given the promise of being signed to the Galatasaray basketball team as a teenager, he was unfortunately classed as too tall to play.

Credit: Getty Images / Associated Press

The little and large duo came together from across the world as they attempted to break many random and weird wacky world records.