What this restaurant did for dad battling cancer made his son fly out to personally thank them


A tasty meal can be amazing for your mood, and it’s even better when it is delivered straight to your house!

This is why, when a restaurant worker went above and beyond what would be expected, they managed to vastly improve someone’s wellbeing! So much so that the person’s son felt compelled to thank the employee personally.

Credit: Kips Flamin’ Burgers

Rick, who currently lives in Michigan, USA, was devastated after discovering that his 86 year old father all the way in Ontario, Canada, was craving some heartier food.

His father, Dale, had been battling pancreatic cancer for some time, and is living temporarily at an assisted living home. Whilst on a phone call, Dale mentioned to his son that he missed eating his favourite food, especially cheeseburgers and fries! Sadly, due to his health, he was unable to leave the facility, leaving him stuck dreaming of the delicious foods of his younger days.

Credit: Schweid & Sons

With hopes that a tasty meal would cheer up his dad, Rick contacted every single burger restaurant in Pickering, Ontario, asking if they would deliver for a local senior citizen. Over a dozen restaurants told Rick they were unable to.

Eventually, the owner of Kips Flamin’ Burgers, Carmen Kolandjian, answered the plea of the desperate son!

Although she hesitated at first as they don’t usually do delivery, and she could name to take the time out of her day to do the delivery, she soon changed her mind once Rick explained the dilemma.

Credit: Living In This Season

“After I explained the circumstances of my father’s failing health, and concerns of his recent eating habits, she took it upon herself to extend her compassion and heart to help the son of a man whom she never met before. She finished her shift at work and drove the food to the local assisted living home, asking for nothing in return,” Rhoads told The Star newspaper.

She stayed true to her word, Kolandjian hand-delivered a burger, french fries, and a side of gravy to the care home with a note reading:

“Hi Dale, this is from your amazing son, Rick. Enjoy your meal.”

“It just tugged at my heart strings when he told me about his dad,” said Kolandjian. “I always try to do a good deed. I have a soft spot for the elderly.”

This kindness did not go unacknowledged by Rick! He traveled all the way from Michigan to Pickering to visit his father and make a stop by the burger joint to give Kolandjian a personal thank you for their kind gesture.

Talking to The Star, he said “people like that need to be recognized.”

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