What is ‘Uber Rob’, and why is it so important?

A Canadian man in southernhas been launched a service called “Uber Rob” and what he’s doing is incredible.

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Credit: The Canadian Press / Andrew Vaughan

The charitable man is transporting people affected by the floodwaters New Brunswick to safety free of charge.

Rob Dekany, a.k.a. “Uber Rob”, has been ferrying seven passengers at a time to Darling Island, a Saint John-area island where the only access road has been submerged by the flood waters of the Kennebecasis River.

There’s even a schedule and an emergency phone number posted on a makeshift sign at the edge of the water.

But Dekany refuses to accept any form of payment.

Credit: The Canadian Press / Andrew Vaughan

“As you can see I’ve got a bunch of good people here and thought I’d give a hand in good faith and as a good Samaritan,” Dekany told CTV News as he prepared to take another load of people to the island.

Dekany makes the trip a few times an hour to get people off the island in the mornings, then returns them each afternoon and evening.

The flooding in southern New Brunswick is expected to continue for the next few days, EMO officials said on Saturday.

According to CTV News, 273 households affecting 671 people had registered with the Canadian Red Cross as of Friday morning.