The way fans came to Rihanna’s defence after trolls shamed her for ‘getting fat’ is INSPIRING


Recently, the Caribbean goddess named Rihanna graced us with her presence at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. As per usual, all eyes were on RiRi. This year, however, a number of those eyes were judging Rihanna’s weight, particularly behind the convenient veil of Twitter.

Thankfully, there are also good, sensible people in the Twitterverse who came to our queen’s defense.

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I’m sure you’re all aware that Rihanna’s body has changed over the past year.

Unfortunately, having onlookers judge every inch of your body often comes with the territory of being a celebrity.And, of course, Rihanna is a woman, so you just know people are going to be twice as critical.

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But I know Rihanna looks as beautiful as ever.

A verifiable fact that was further confirmed when she performed “Wild Thoughts” at the Grammys this year.

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But apparently some people forgot to adjust their TV sets.

I know this isn’t the ’50s, but I don’t understand how a person could’ve called Rihanna “fat” unless their television screen was fuzzy or something.On top of that, how does one watch Rihanna perform and have nothing else to contribute to the world but a comment about her weight?

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The body shaming continued on Twitter.

People are seriously out there acting as if it’s their God-given right to decide whether Rihanna’s body is “fat,” “thick,” “healthy,” or otherwise.Some even began speculating as to whether Rihanna was pregnant — an obnoxious suggestion that only added fuel to the fire of her clapbacking fans.

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Move over, everybody! We have Rihanna’s personal Spanx consultant right here!

News flash: Just because a woman gains weight doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. She could just be living her best life.A wild concept, I know.

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Can you imagine telling a stranger on the street to “Lay off the cookies”?

Most people would never insult someone like that.But somehow, in the strange anti-reality of social media, people believe that’s an A-OK thing to do.

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Can we please stop pretending it’s cool to tell other people to “hit the gym”?

Unless you’re Rihanna’s personal trainer, there’s no need to concern yourself with her gym schedule.

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At some point, Rihanna fans everywhere decided enough was enough.

A bunch of them busted out on Twitter with proper (and hilarious) clapbacks for all those who tried to shame Rihanna’s body.

Go scrub the spaghetti pot, haters.

I’m no psychologist, but I believe that sometimes people insult others to achieve a feeling of power that they’re missing in their everyday lives.

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Anyone who talks about Rihanna’s body in a negative light is straight-up ungrateful for all she’s given us.

Sorry, you wanna diss RiRi? Then you better delete Anti from your iPhone, donate your Fenty slides, and return that Fenty Beauty foundation to Sephora.

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PSA: “Fat” does not equal “bad.”

The bigger picture here isn’t that people are calling Rihanna “fat,” it’s that they’re associating the word with something negative.

Because if Rihanna was fat, who freaking cares? In what way does Rihanna’s body affect her musical talent, eye for fashion, or ability to present us with quality beauty products?

To anyone who calls Rihanna fat, I simply ask: What’s your point?

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Anyway, it’s not like Rihanna cares what you think.

Seriously — just look at her. Does that look like the kind of woman who is concerned with the negative opinions of others?

I think you and I both know the answer.

Credit: Instagram | @badgalriri

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