Watch as Catelynn announces her pregnancy to her family, Heartwarming

In the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler and his wife, Catelynn, are going to visit Catelynn’s mother, April. Earlier into the season 7 of Teen Mom:OG, Catelynn first reveals her pregnancy to Tyler and Nova.


“…Catelynn takes a pregnancy test in secret so Tyler doesn’t find it.”

The family reveal

“Tyler’s finally over the shock that I’m pregnant, so now we’re ready to tell our family,” she says in the upcoming episode.


“I’m going to be a big sister,” Nova’s T-shirt reads. Needless to say, April was shocked. “”Are you serious? Really?,” she asked. Catelynn confirms: “I am! I swear to God! Hopefully it’s a grand boy.” “I’m happy with whatever it is, could be twins, you could get one of each!” Catelynn’s mother added.

Tyler was stunned

The same surprise was on board for Tyler, “How many did you take?” Tyler said referring to the pregnancy tests. Catelynn reportedly took 4 pregnancy tests and all four of them were positive. “Oh my gosh! You’re a fertile myrtle,” Baltierra added.

“It’s a daily fight in my mind to not be afraid of postpartum,” she revealed to Tyler. “I can’t let my mind stop me from one of the most amazing things ever.

Rehab plans

Catelynn is still at a rehab facility in Arizona, as Tyler confirms. Shem might even miss out on the already scheduled Teen Mom reunion, “Catelynn’s appearance is still very much up in the air and will be determined much closer to the date, even as late as the day before,” an insider revealed.

Tyler has been on a weight-loss program himself, after finding the “dad bod” unsuitable for his age. “Yeah I tried getting into it, but I had to stop kidding myself lol I just couldn’t stand the way I was looking. It’s not about what people think, it’s how you feel inside at the end of the day 👊🏻”