Tyler Baltierra says that daughter Novalee is Crying out for Catelynn while she’s at treatment

One of the main Teen Mom: OG stars, Catelynn Lowell, is currently going through a rehab in order to fight for her mental health and overcome any traumas along the way. On Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom: OG, Catelynn revealed that she’s pregnant again.


In 2017 the fans witnessed a lot of pregnancy announcements, it was obvious that Catelynn should be next. “@CatelynnLowell @TylerBaltierra When can we expect a pregnancy announcement out of you guys? #urnext,” one fan asked.

Tyler replied with: “Hopefully SOON 😱😊”

“I’m praying that when it happens y’all have a boy,” another fan said. “ME TOO! 😫” Tyler replied.

Tyler and Catelynn proved their loyalty to each other multiple times over, they have been together for 12 years and still going strong.

“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY babe @catelynnmtv we have been together for 12 years & now 2 of those years we have been married. I am so lucky to have found you when I did. I love you SO much! #HappyAnniversary,” Tyler congratulated his wife in August 2017.


“You will never be alone, you will never question if you are beautiful, you will never doubt that you are worthy, and you will never wonder if you are loved,” Tyler said as a part of his wedding vows flashback.


“… Even after 12 years, I continue to be AMAZED by her strength, vulnerability, & courage to get help. “As long as I am alive, you will never be alone” – It is my call to arms & I will fight this war with her right by her side,” Baltierra said of his wife in November 2017, when she was admitted to rehab.

“Omg! That wasn’t AT ALL what I was upset about. I was upset because it’s difficult when Nova cries out for her mommy & I have to keep explaining why she’s not here to hug her tears away!” Tyler tweeted out calling out a false gossip article about his “cheating scandal.”

“Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say to your children. I never cry in front of Nova because I don’t want her to feel any of that. You have good days and then you have bad days, and, uh, today is just a bad day,” he said while silently crying in the video on Monday night. “If you’re in that same boat as me, just hang in there and you’re not alone. Talk to somebody,” He admits.


Catelynn is expected to return from her treatment soon and stronger than ever.