Transformer Dad Surprises Son On First Day Of School After Covid Lockdown


A father from Shanghai, China, touched many hearts and broke the internet for dressing up as a giant Bumblebee character on his son’s first day back at school. The world has been on lockdown due to the international health crisis (COVID).

However, things are starting to ease off as children are going back to school in recent times.

This super-dad opted for Bumblebee which is the second most popular Transformer character. It looks like he built this all by himself, in his workshop.

The dad used soft materials in the build to prevent accidental injuries to himself and other kids. It also seems as if the lower part of the legs is made from something heavier to keep him stable while walking or standing.

This build is very impressive and a level up from the regular cardboard Transformers.

His version might not transform into a Volkswagen Beetle or a Camaro like in the movies, but it is still very cool to look at and this super dad deserves a father of the year award as he does this just to put a smile on his sons face.


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Leke Babalola