Three Inspirational Stories Of Selfless Acts Done To Help Others During Hurricane Harvey


Whilst trapped in their Houston bakery, four Mexican bakers baked bread for hundreds of victims of the hurricane.

Credit: El Bolillo Bakery

After working the late shift at El Bolillo Bakery, the group realized they were unable to leave the bakery due to the level of water on the streets. They made the decision to continue baking to provide for those affected by the devastating downpours caused by the hurricane.

Working throughout the night and day, the workers used up 4,400 pounds of flour to bake Mexican sweet bread and standard bread! Posting on social media, the bakers posted “Hurricane Harvey pan dulce we are going to take to those in need. Bakers we’re stuck inside for two days! We will announce when we open our stores again.”

Credit: El Bolillo Bakery

The manager of the bakery, speaking of the inspirational work of his bakers, told news sources “when they realised they were stuck, they decided to keep themselves busy and help the community and made as many loaves of bread as they could”.
To help the people of Houston, two brothers bought a 21,000 pound truck from Craigslist called ‘The Punisher’ to rescue victims of the hurricane!

When trying to figure out ways to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, brothers Brad and Adam Morris were given a tip by a Houston police officer; “We’ve got boats, but we need high water trucks”.

Credit: Liz Flock / PBS NewsHour

Upon searching for a truck, Adam and Brad stumbled across a $13,000 truck called “The Punisher” on Craigslist and decided to purchase it, before driving the 5-ton axle truck to Houston to help with citizen rescues!

Photo Credit: PBS NewsHour

The brothers aided in the rescue of dozens of people, often wading through waist-high water to aid people. Others used speedboats, kayaks and canoes to help rescue those stranded.

“Couldn’t sit around and just watch people suffer,” Brad Morris told PBS. “It’s that Texas pride, I guess.”

A Pizza Hut restaurant in Sugarland gave out free pizzas to make sure none of their neighbourhood went hungry during Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath.

“When I heard there were families in need, I knew we needed to act fast,” Shayda Habib, manager at the Pizza Hut in Sugarland, told a local new sources. After hearing of the victims of the hurricane, Shayda called her husband, telling him to gather up kayaks and meet them at the restaurant.

Source: KPRC

With the limited crew Habib had got together, they got to work preparing as many pizzas as possible to send out to victims. The pizzas were loaded itno delivery pouyches and stacked onto the kayaks and delivery to as many homes within flood zones as possible.

Source: KPRC

Shayda Habib said she felt fortunate to have the sources that made her able to serve the community they love. Habib along with her employees and other volunteers were able to get hundreds of pizzas to residents stranded in the floods, until they ran out of ingredients.

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