This teenager was awarded for returning the $135K he found next to ATM


Jose Nuñez Romaniz, 19, is a college student who intends to study criminal justice. Last Sunday, he found a clear plastic bag on the ground beside an ATM machine outside a Wells Fargo bank branch. It was a foot-long stack of $50 and $20 bills. Although he was plenty surprised, Nuñez said he never considered keeping the cash.

“My parents always taught me to work for my own. Stolen money would never last you any time,” he recalled. He called the Albuquerque police right away, and he handed them over the money. It totaled $135, 000. Apparently, it was mistakenly left outside the ATM by a bank subcontractor.

“This money could have made an incredible amount of difference in his life if he went down the other path, but he chose the integrity path and did the right thing,” Officer Simon Drobik said.

Nuñez’s integrity was rewarded. The police chief presented him with a plaque. He also invited Nuñez to apply for a job as a public service aide at the police department. Albuquerque ESPN Radio 101.7 FM presented him some signed sports memoribilia. Moreover, at least three local business presented him with $500 each.

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