This pair of fishermen donated their fresh-caught fish to community in need during pandemic


Montauk fishermen Chuck “Wheat” Morici and James Foley were on a multi-day fishing trip and out of cell reception the day New York’s virus shutdown began. After they got back, they found out about the restaurants closing and the local markets running out of food.

Morici and Foley then came to the rescue and decided to donate their fresh-caught fish to the community. On a recent day, they gave away 1,700 pounds of sea bream on Main Street in their hometown.


Local residents, especially the elderly, were thrilled to receive the fresh foods. One employee even cried because he was so blown away. “This is what we do in Montauk. It’s a very unique community. We are very tight here. We are willing to step up and help out,” said Morici.

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