This giant party was held for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Retriever breed and the pictures are glorious


The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland held, what they called a “Guisachan Golden Gathering”  (how very posh!), to celebrate the founding of the Golden Retriever breed 150 years ago!

The breed is believed to have first been created at the Guisachan House in Scotland in 1868, after a breeding experiment by ‘Lord Tweedmouth’. Yes really. According to the friends of the Guisachan house, the breed begun by mix-breeding a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Wavy Coated Retriever.

Last Thursday, over 350 golden retrievers and their families gathered in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the special anniversary.

Credit: golden_chewbacca / Instagram

Golden retrievers are make very good police and hunting helpers, as well as rescuers. This is because they have a very high tolerance to pain and can tolerate injuries other breeds couldn’t.

At the event, the excited puppers were counted one by one, going through a human tunnel.

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Retrievers thick luxurious fur is thanks to the dual-layers. The inner layer is to keep warm, whilst the outer layer is waterproof!

“Waiting for their grandma to drop some food – one of my fave pics from yesterday,” said Ashleigh Baird on Instagram, who runs the golden_chewbacca account.

Credit: golden_chewbacca / Instagram

“Had a wonderful day yesterday and met so many people from all over the world with their beautiful goldens!” another guest at the party, Katherine Macfarlane, wrote on Facebook.

Credit: Katherine Macfarlane / Facebook
Credit: Katherine Macfarlane / Facebook
Credit: Katherine Macfarlane / Facebook

For this lucky boy, it was a very special day! Not only did he win best veteran in show, he also won best in show.

Credit: Bill Reyna / Facebook

We love how happy they all look, and how much they are clearly enjoying the day.

“The celebrations are over but what a party it has been,” Jean Griggs added. “Sincere thanks to the committee for making this whole experience possible and thanks also to so many people from far and wide for being such fun. I think we all did our beautiful breed and their ancestral home proud; the house and its ghosts can now return to normal …. until we meet again.”

Credit: Jean Griggs / Facebook

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