This Facebook group challenges people to dress up in hilarious costumes when taking the bin outside


Taking the bins outside is usually considered a tedious chore. However, for Danielle Askew, it became the highlight of her week.

The Colonel and Ronald correctly social distancing #corona2020

Posted by Robert Paul Hillier on Saturday, May 2, 2020

Danielle began dressing up in costume to walk her bin to the kerb for a dare. She made a Facebook page called “Bin Isolation Outing” to share this with her friends. But in less than seven days, the trend went global, and more than a million members joined in.

There were post after post of people in their creative costumes and fanciest outfits, having a “date” with their bins. Some were dressed as their favorite superheroes, some were pop culture icons. The Facebook group has become a community for amusement and support amidst the pandemic.

“I have had a lot of people private message me, and also on the page, to say thank you so much. They were quite down and this has made them smile and laugh. So they say thank you for bringing a little bit of light into the chaotic world we are in the moment.” said Ms. Askew.

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