This dog can ride a horse. He can even jump!

In perhaps one of the least expected friendships in the animal kingdom, this Jack Russell is probably the only dog in the world who can not only ride a horse, not only bareback, but also without a bridle!

Meet Dally and Spanky, one of the cutest animal friendships we’ve seen!

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

Spanky is a 10 year old miniature rescue horse, and his best friend is 9 year old jack russell Dally! They’ve been friends for several years at their ranch in Spokane, Washington.

One day, simply out of curiosity, their owner Francesca Carson decided to see what would happen if she put Dally on Spanky’s back, and the response from both of the duo was incredible.

Something she never expected to happen, happened.

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

The pair begun to walk, run, and jump together. Dally was really riding Spanky!

“It’s really special to see the trust they have between each other – it’s remarkable for a horse to allow a dog to jump on him whenever he wants,” she said.

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

The famous duo now have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, and 20,000 fans on Facebook!

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

Owner Francesca travels the country, teaching people how to create and maintain positive relationships with their horses.

She now also does charity events and shows with Dally and Spanky!

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

“It helps kids understand horses and dogs and promotes rescuing animals that are unwanted,” she added.

Check out the glorious video below!