This deaf woman is a choir master encouraging others to take up Auslan through the help of Lorde’s songs


Tallula Bourne was born deaf. It was only when she received cochlear implants at age 12 that she began to hear music. The first song she ever heard was Lorde’s. She loved it so much that it inspired her to pursue a career that makes music accessible to people of mixed hearing abilities.

Now at 20 years old, Tallula is a choir master who runs weekly online Auslan classes. She is joined by about 20 choir members who are all learning how to perform Lorde’s songs in Auslan. Tallula says her favorite part of teaching Auslan is watching people’s joy when they pick it up.

“We end up taking on the mood of the song, the rhythm, the melody in our bodies, because that’s what Auslan is it’s about showing you what’s going on, and it’s a really cool way to access music when you can’t hear it,” said Tallula.

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