This boy saved $450 for games but decided to be charitable instead…

Most kids can’t wait to spend their allowance on video games and new toys.

A 7th grader at Avon Middle School North in Indiana donated $450 to a local food pantry.

Credit: WTHR 13

But after learning about the food shortage at a local food pantry, Brecken Hayes chose to use all of the money he has saved up to help those in need.

“I don’t really need that stuff,” Brecken told¬†WTHR. “Those are wants. People need food and water to live. and they don’t have that. And I already have it. So I don’t want to be greedy. I just wanted to help them.”

Brecken’s donation was nearly half of the entire school’s donation of $1,000 to the Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry.

Brecken now wants more people to be charitable with their money!