This 90-year-old grandma was awarded the title for “Oldest Videogames Youtuber” in the world


The Guinness World Records had recently awarded a 90-year-old grandma from Japan for being the world’s “Oldest Videogames Youtuber.” Her name is Hamako Mori and she has been playing games for 39 years now.

Hamako spends 7-8 hours a day playing games, although she used to do a lot more in the past. She’s been an avid collector of old games since 1981. Currently, she enjoys streaming game videos on Youtube. She uploads 3-4 videos every month. Currently, her Youtube channel (Gamer Grandma) has more than 221, 000 followers.

“I feel that if I started to play games, life would be really interesting and I wouldn’t have to think about unnecessary things. I’m glad to have lived to this age and I’m glad I’ve learned to play video games. I’m really enjoying life,” said Hamako.

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