The World’s First Ever ‘Museum of Happiness’ Has Opened in Copenhagen


This year 2020 hasn’t exactly been a great year, with issues of global pandemic, social & political upheaval, natural disasters and many more, however, things are gradually starting to ease off.


The Happiness Museum in capital Copenhagen, a new installation organized by influential think tank The Happiness Research Institute. The Institute’s main purpose is to oversee research into mental well-being and quality of life, and the museum is intended as a microcosm of their findings.

It’s difficult to put happiness in a glass case, so there are eight rooms which uses interactive exhibits to explore happiness from different perspectives. These range from the thoughtful to the playful; from medieval times on contentment, to using a mirror to find out which side of the Mona Lisa’s face is actually smiling.

CEO of The Happiness Research Institute, Meik Wiking said: “Our hope is guests will leave a little wiser, a little happier, and a little more motivated to make the world a better place. We think Denmark is an obvious home for a museum that focuses on how we create a better framework for good lives.”

Other rooms include the science, history, and geography aspects of happiness, which incorporate everything from emotionally intelligent AI to a world map ranking countries by their level of happiness.

Perhaps, the world could all learn a little something from form this new installation.

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Leke Babalola