The story behind this picture will warm your heart and remind you how magical animals are

Animals go through tough times as well as humans, and it may be tough for them to get help, but this story shows that magic really can happen in the animal kingdom.

Bonnie was only 4-months old when she fled into the woods. When news of her disappearance spread around the upstate New York town where she lived, its residents quickly became divided between those who wanted to save her and those who wanted to hunt her.

The scared calf escaped after she had just seen her family and herd-mates get rounded up for slaughter.

Aside from a few quick glimpses, the “babe in the woods” remained hidden.

That is, until hunters started picking her up on wildlife cameras. And what they saw truly amazed them.

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Shockingly, Bonnie had been taken in by a herd of deer!

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

“Since she had lost her first family (and cattle are herd animals), the deer helped Bonnie survive and accepted her as their own — eating, sleeping and running together!” Meredith Turner-Smith, media relations specialist for Farm Sanctuary, told The Dodo. “Like a deer, this ‘bovine Bambi’ would disappear into the forest whenever people appeared.”

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

It ended up taking multiple attempts for rescuers to finally get Bonnie to come to the sanctuary.

Now, she is surrounded by caring humans and rescued cattle just like her.

Check out the video below!