The Promposal Went Viral, But The Friendship Is Deeper


Every year we see stories about a teen inviting a special needs student to prom as an act of kindness.

But what makes this story so different is that Rachel Newberry wasn’t just trying to be kind.

Credit: CBS News

Newberry caught Ben Robinson completely off guard when she asked him to prom. Ben had no idea she was going to ask him.

But after the video went viral, she was a little put off by all the praise she received on social media.

“Yeah, it’s not that at all. I don’t think that me asking my friend to prom makes me a good person,” Rachel said.

To Rachel, she was simply asking her best friend to prom.

“When you say best friend, you mean best friend,” Steve Hartman said.

“I mean best friend, yeah,” Rachel replied, holding back tears.

Check out the video below.

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