The internet is photoshopping this picture of the town crier delivering the news about the Royal birth, and it’s incredible

On the Reddit forum ‘Photoshop battles’, earlier today a user launched a battle on the below photo of the town crier after Kate Middleton’s birth, announcing the new royal baby had been born.

The results are incredible.

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Credit: DailyMail

The user ‘bearsdriving’ titled this one,

Using his emotion to create

Credit: Reddit / User: bearsdriving

The user Shashakeitup made a Simpson’s reference:

Credit: Reddit / User: Shashakeitup

“Total Recry” this one is titled:

Credit: Reddit / User: CLOUSTON

“The power of Christ compells you!” joked -doitforjohnny-

Credit: Reddit / -doitforjohnny-

“Every time.” said ScopezX, submitting his entry:

Credit: Reddit / ScopezX

“Are you not entertained?!” joked MRC_13:

Credit: Reddit / MRC_13


Credit: Reddit / BroboT800

“Ring your own bells Lizzy!”

Credit: Reddit / Digidoodul

The beatles fans can sure be crazy!

Credit: Reddit / bearsdriving