The internet is going wild for this guy who gets pulled over for going slow in the fast lane

We all know that feelings of being trapped behind somebody going slow, and it’s especially frustrating when they’re in the fast lane! 

That’s why the internet is praising an Indiana state trooper on social media for pulling over a slow driver in the fast lane.

Credit: Sgt. Stephen Wheeles / Twitter

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles posted a photo of a car he pulled over for violating the “slowpoke” law that went into effect recently in Indiana.

The law states that drivers in the fast lane have to move over if the car behind them is going faster, otherwise they could get a $500 fine.

“I stopped this vehicle today for a left lane violation on I-65,” Wheeles wrote on Twitter. “The driver had approximately 20 cars slowed behind her because she would not move back to the right lane.

Again…if there are vehicles behind you, you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass.”

Credit: Sgt. Stephen Wheeles / Twitter

Thousands of Twitter users are asking Wheeles to transfer to their state. He’s also received support from famous athletes.

Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Troy Aikman tweeted: “Finally!”

Indy Car Driver Graham Rahal tweeted: “This guy is my hero.”

What do you think, should more states incorporate this law?