Teen-Boy Scout Creates a Device to Help Save People From Drowning


13-Year-old Kaial Hajik heard about people drowning in the Gulf of Mexico near his hometown of Panama City Beach, Florida, he felt the urgent need to step in.

He built a prototype of a device he calls the “LifeBoKx”, a kit with life-saving equipment that would be installed along the beach.  He said that the “K” in LifeBoKx stands for “Kaial”.

Inside the box are life-saving equipment such as life vests, lifesaver, and CPR instructions. Each box would have a location number to help rescuers find people faster and with ease.

Kaial hopes to present the device to a local optimist club and a city council. This boy scout has really done something amazing for his community and the world at large as this device could potentially save countless lives.


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Leke Babalola