Summer is almost here, school’s almost out! Here’s some heartwarming stories of strangers kind acts helped college students who were struggling.


Proof that there’s some good in the world! 

College is hard. Besides the rigorous academic schedule in itself, you also have the additions of a social life, jobs, sport, family and interships to juggle to balance. Of course, other things get thrown into the mix too, health problems, or financial troubles, and it can feel like the world is falling on top of you.


Thankfully, there are some kind hearted people out there who go out of their way to lend a hand to students at their time of need.So to honour the graduating class of 2018, we decided to pick out the best stories showing random acts of kindness received by people who are in college. Unexpected kindness is happening all around the world, especially in college campuses. These stories range from simple gestures that brightened the person’s day, as well as life changing grand acts of kindness!

Continue reading and check out the very best stories below.

Credit: College of Business, UNH

The first story is about someone who was considered dropping out, until a very unexpected gesture took place.

“When I was a poor freshman flying some budget airline back to college after Christmas break, the airline canceled my flight into Spokane and left me stranded overnight in Seattle. As I stood at the customer service counter fighting back tears because I didn’t have money for a hotel or cab and was thousands of miles from home, a woman noticed me and said she’d like me to come home with her family overnight and she’d get me to the airport in the morning. She had her own two kids to worry about, having just gotten off the same long flight as me, but she refused to leave me alone to spend the night in the airport. She took me to her home and had her own kids double up in one bedroom so she could put me in her daughter’s room (after she gave me all her contact info and told me to call my mom and let her know where I would be.) Now that I have kids of my own and a crazy busy life, I appreciate even more the fact that a stranger was willing to inconvenience herself to not only take me in but to get up early the next morning to drive me all the way back to the airport and make sure I made it back to college on time. I was the first person in my family to go away to college and I was considering dropping out, so this woman made more of a difference in my life than she could have imagined.” ― Heather Rauenhorst, Seattle

Words really can change your spirit…

“There was a time in my life when everything went wrong. Someone had closed my registration to college, and I would have wait another semester before the paperwork could be resubmitted. On the same day, my apartment was cleaned out. The landlord said he didn’t know I was leaving. He said a moving van parked outside and two men took everything. Everything from my baby book to clothes and college books. The bed and sheets were gone. I felt estranged from the world. I went to a bookstore for peace and quiet and was kneeling at the lowest shelf with head hanging down and crying. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a 3-year-old girl walking toward me with her mother watching at a distance. The child patted my hair, leaned over and hugged me so tight for what seemed like a minute. “Don’t be sad,” she said. “It will be all right.” My heart and spirit returned in that instant. I thanked her and her mother. “You’ve raised a beautiful girl,” I said. The mother, ever smiling, said that when her daughter came out of her womb, she wore a smile. That little girl with a big heart saved me. That was 40 years ago. I think of her when times get tough. “It will be all right.”” ― Annette Zumba, Palo Alto, California

Credit: Student World Online

A problem shared is a problem halved, as the old saying goes!

“It was 21 years ago. I was on a commuter flight from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. The woman next to me and I struck up a conversation. She asked if I was returning to school. She could tell I was college student. I explained I was visiting my boyfriend and that I had taken time off school because my older brother passed away four months earlier. She asked me how he passed. I don’t know why I told her it was suicide, but I did. Probably because I was in such an immense amount of pain and grief. She said, “I’m so sorry. I lost my sister to suicide 17 years ago.” She offered me a ride to my boyfriend’s campus. She happened to be going to the neighborhood just past it. I accepted, maybe unwise for an 18-year-old girl to get in the car of a stranger. But in that 20 minute ride, I got to ask her all the questions I needed to ask someone 17 years down the line from where I was. The thing I remember the most is she told me that the pain would subside and I would be OK. I got out of the car in tears saying, “Thank you for the talk — I mean the ride.” I will never forget that act of kindness. It helped save my own life.” ― Abigail Seligsohn, Philadelphia

Something with not much of a monetary value can mean lots to broke college students.

“I was 20, and I had just been hired at my first job while I was in school and in a new city. The uniform required black dress shoes, so I was at Payless struggling to find shoes that would be comfortable enough to stand in all day but also close enough to fashionable. I’m normally too introverted to do so, but I turned to a woman shopping next to me and asked her opinion on two pairs of shoes. She could probably tell that I was stressing too much about the shoes, and I told her it was my first job here. So she picked a pair and told me that the shoes were her treat. They were only a $20 pair of shoes, but it meant a lot to a broke college kid. I think about that woman sometimes and hope that she’s doing well.” ―Lauren Blake, Chicago

Credit: It’s All About Emily

An act of kindness not only brightens your day, but will also be remembered years down the line. Or 35 years in this case!

“As young married college students many years ago trying to juggle tuition, books, rent and the cost of caring for a new baby, our funds were severely limited. That meant luxuries like ice cream were few and far between, and most often funded by the tediously slow accumulation of spare change dropped into jars or fished out of couch cushions. One day we found ourselves with just enough pennies, nickels and dimes to pay for a small carton of deliciousness. Because the opportunity presented itself so rarely, selecting just the right flavor was a huge decision. As we debated the merits of one flavor over another, an older woman struck up a conversation. She said that she regularly bought several cartons at a time to share with neighborhood children, who would often stop by her home to visit and play in the yard. After picking out her selections, she left. We eventually made our own decision, and headed toward the register, where we discovered that the woman we spoke to had quietly paid for our treat. It has been 35 years, but I still remember how her kindness brightened our day and lightened our load.” ― Kathleen Tuck, Provo, Utah

We hope you enjoyed these stories, and that you have an AMAZING summer. Take a break. Hang out with family. Hang out with your pets. Chill with friends. Have fun, and build up energy ready to move onto the next steps!

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