Suicide Bombing Survivor Gets Highest Score On Afghanistan’s National Exam


At age 15, Shamsea Alizada, a coal miner’s daughter whose family had moved all around Afghanistan seeking safety and the chance for her to get a good education, was among the lucky who escaped a suicide bomb attack.

Ms. Alizada lost friends and young women she looked up to. A center that incubated a universal dream, a good education as the ticket out of poverty and oppression, was turned into a scene of carnage.

This incident did not stop her from pressing on for a better future. It was announced on television on Thursday, 24th September that she got the highest score out of about 200,000 students on Afghanistan’s national university entrance exam.

Her friends, family, and country are proud of her, and she hopes that someday the wars will stop, and the Taliban will let the Afghan women live their dreams without limitations.



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Leke Babalola