Stop Hiccups Instantly With This ONE Quick & Easy Life Hack


Although hiccups are simply spasms of your diaphragm muscle which aren’t harmful, we all know how annoying they can be, and finding a ‘cure’ can drive you crazy!

We’re going to give you a simple little life hack which will give you the know how to get rid of hiccups once and for all.


We’ve all quickly Googled how to get rid of hiccups. From swallowing a spoonful of sugar (ew!!), to swallowing a spoonful of vinegar (even more eww!), or having some peanut butter or hot sauce.

There’s also less ‘intense’ ways to attempt to stop hiccups such as breathing slowly and deeply into a small paper bag, or placing a single paper towel over the top of a glass, then drinking through the towel, however these still require you to have objects around you to hand!

Credit: Medical Daily

However… are you ready for a life hack that will change the way you deal with hiccups forever?!

The concept was first documented on social media site, Tumblr, in 2015.

Tumblr user ‘lissadiane’ discovered, after a co-worker asked her to prove she had hiccups, she couldn’t.

The next time she had hiccups, she (forcefully) made her boyfriend ask her to prove it, and AGAIN the hiccups were gone!

Credit: Tumblr

Another user chimed in with a comment that it worked for her dad, and was his go-to method too.

Credit: Tumblr

Whilst another joked that being offered $100 to do a hiccup also works!

Credit: Tumblr


Get someone to ask you to prove your hiccups, and the chances are, you won’t be able to.

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