SIX Women Turned Up to a Wedding in The Same Dress — And No, They’re NOT Bridesmaids!


Last weekend, six women showed up to a wedding in Sydney wearing the exact same dresses! Although many would guess they’re the bridesmaids, they are not, the situation was a total coincidence!

Debbie Speranzo shared the picture on Facebook of the wedding guests amongst the bride, she was also amongst those wearing the popular dress.

Credit: Debbie Speranza

‘I turned up and did a double take when I saw my cousin in the same dress and she mouthed ‘oh my god’ back at me from the other side of the reception room,” Next thing we knew there were four others in the same friggin dress. What a bloody nightmare.’ said Debbie.

Luckily, none of the gorgeous ladies were upset. Speaking to the Telegraph, the bridge said

“We all cracked up about it,”


“It’s every girl’s worst nightmare, what else can you do?”

What a great attitude to have!

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