Sisters Who Set Out To Rescue One Dog, End Up Saving Ten


It was a hot day in mid-May when Megan Wedge found a stray dog wandering around a parking lot in Dalton, Georgia.

The dog was limping and couldn’t put her weight on her one back leg. “I wanted to help her, so I started posting on social media asking who could help out.” Megan’s sister, Sarah Bauer who was miles away in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, answered her call for help.

Megan said, “because of Covid-19 and everything going on, we couldn’t go into the vet with the dog, which was hard in itself,” said Bauer.

“The vet comes out to my car and tells me that her hip is dislocated, she has abrasions on her legs and that she was probably hit by a car. She also told me that she was hit by buckshot. At that point, I started tearing up.”

The dog was treated, and during subsequent appointments, they found out the dog was heavily pregnant with nine puppies. Thanks to Megan and her sister, the dog, and her puppies are doing well now.

Megan hopes the story will help to raise awareness and prevent animal abuse.

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Leke Babalola