Singing Dogs Re-emerge From Extinction


The mossy, wet cloud forest on the island of New Guinea holds an ancient secret: a seldom seen, fiercely predatory wild canine called the “New Guinea singing dog”.

Cute and perky, singing dogs are not exactly scary but rather like little pooches with big voices! They use their tuneful howling to communicate with other “singers.”

The animal was believed to have gone extinct from the highlands of New Guinea, but was recently found on the island’s Indonesian side. Scientists reported that the dogs still exist, based on collected DNA samples by an intrepid and indefatigable field researcher.

For more than a half-century these dogs have remained elusive in the wild until 2012 when an ecotourism guide snapped a photo of a wild dog in the highlands of Indonesia’s Papua province.

Thanks to sightings and DNA tests it has been confirmed that the singing Dogs are very much alive and thriving well in that area.



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Leke Babalola