‘Secret Santa’ Gives The Greatest Gift Of All, Helping 200 Families

Christmas came early for around 200 families in Pennsylvania earlier this week.

An anonymous donor coined as ‘Santa B’ has settled over $40,000 worth of layaway holiday gift bills, at a Walmart store in Everett earlier this week, say The Associated Press.

The kind-hearted stranger has been given the nickname “Santa B” by store staff – he also pulled an equally generous stunt last year at the same outlet!

Credit: Walmart

Well appreciated

One of the beneficiaries of the loving gesture, Kristen Martin, who had put all her children’s Christmas gifts on layaway this year, told WJAC-TV an affiliate of NBC how much the gesture meant to her:

“I think it means more to me, but I think they’ll (her children) be happy. I remember when I was growing up for Christmas. I was just telling my mom the other day that I want my kids to have Christmas like that.”

Credit: Walmart Delavan

“I think they have lots of treasures in heaven,” Martin added, in praise of the mysterious benefactor.”

Inspiring others

As the holiday season continues, similar acts of kindness have been taking place all across the country.

For example, in Scottsdale, Arizona, staff at a diner gave someone a $17 tab over the weekend… the generous customer gave a $2,000 tipped.

The Shawnee Police Department in Kansas have been handing out bundles of $10,000 in cash on behalf of a donor (anonymous, of course!).