Scientists reveal this crystal clear image of Jupiter that ‘rivals the view from space’


It is the wonders of science that makes space discovery possible. Just recently, scientists were finally able to take a crystal clear image of Jupiter. Leading the project was Michael Wong of UC Berkeley, who said that the image ‘rivals the view from space.’

The image was a result of three years worth of ‘lucky’ images taken by the Gemini telescope in Hawaii, combined with data and photos from Juno and Hubble. Scientists used a special technique called ‘lucky imaging.’ They take numerous images of the planet at multiple exposures in one night, then filter it and keep only the sharpest ones.

The goal of the project was to see beyond Jupiter’s hazy atmosphere. Prior to the image, scientists had thought that the dark spots on Jupiter were colour variations. Now they know they are actually gaps in clouds. This new information will eventually help scientists solve the mystery of the planet’s powerful swirling storms.

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