Puppies Rescued From China’s Dog Meat Trade Get New Owners


Dozens of dogs rescued from China’s meat trade arrived by plane in New York and found loving new adoptive owners.

An Air China plane that departed from Beijing with 34 rescue canines got a warm reception from Americans ready to take them home.

Thirty-four survivors have landed from the brutality of China’s illegal dog trafficking,” said Jeff Bari, who leads No Dogs Left Behind.

No Dogs Left Behind runs a shelter in China’s capital and uses drones and other methods to track meat sellers and rescue the dogs.

Bari said that his organization engages in “the good fight” and that “global animal welfare laws are in order, and until that happens, we will continue to fight, we will sanction and we will boycott until change happens.”

They have rescued thousands of dogs since 2017 and continue working to save thousands more.

Americans have been waiting to adopt this set of dogs since January, according to No Dogs Left Behind volunteer Maura Platz. “It’s an amazing Christmas gift, the best,” 20-year-old Carly Weinstein said, after waiting nearly six months to meet her miniature poodle named Lola.

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Leke Babalola