People started comparing The Rock with Cristiano Ronaldo, he got them good with this brilliant response!


The Rock is a brilliant actor and Cristiano is a brilliant football player, but one question still remains. Who wore it better?

NBC Sports asked this question a few days ago on Twitter, and surprisingly, 1 of the mentioned celebrities replied.

“One looks like a gangster with a $1million bucks worth of jewelry on and the other one looks like the buff lunch lady with a fanny pack containing 7 scratch off tickets. ”

The Rock is currently considering to be a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, in 2020. Kevin Hart is really optimistic about the outcome: “I think the world that we’re living in today, you’re seeing the real effect that genuine people like Dwayne have, and the one thing about him is that he’s very serious when it comes to spreading that love, the laughter and just the upselling of life on a positive level.”

Hart supports him, but not all the way up

“If he were to put himself in that position he would get my support, wholeheartedly. Unless it comes to my financial dollar, then we’d have to talk.” “I will take you down. I don’t want it to happen because it will make you that much better than me, and I just don’t want it. I would sabotage it in a heartbeat,” he added.

It would not be the first time for a celebrity to have a major political function, Arnold Schwarzenegger did it too when he became the Governor of California.

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