Parents who beat coronavirus meet their newborn twins for the first time


The night before Jennifer Laubach’s labor, her husband, Andre, tested positive for COVID-19. So she gave birth to twins, Maksim and Mitch, all alone. The premature babies were healthy but they were immediately taken and put under quarantine for risk of coronavirus. Apparently, Jennifer also tested positive for the virus.

The new parents had to be quarantined for weeks. It was only when they both got cleared that they were able to finally meet their sons for the first time. “It was very emotional because at that point it had been three weeks since their birth. It felt like I gave birth and they were just gone,” Jennifer said.

Mitchell was able to come home with the couple on Saturday. Meanwhile, Maksim, who is still recovering, might be home by the end of the week. This means that the Laubach family, after weeks of battling with coronavirus, can finally be together at last.

“I just want people to take this virus seriously and not take your loved ones for granted, that’s for sure,” said Jennifer.


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