Off-duty Firefighter On a Shopping Trip With His Kid Single-handedly Pulls Car From Flood


Two motorists attempted to drive through flooding and got stuck. The flood was caused by a clogged storm drain near the Hudson State Service Center.

A significant amount of used clothing, from a donation box in the Hudson Center parking lot was clogging the storm drain, which caused water to rise in the roadway.

With no police there to block traffic, several other motorists attempted to drive though the water before being waved off by bystanders.

The situation was eventually resolved by Mike Lindsay, an off-duty firefighter from the West Grove and Oxford fire departments in Pennsylvania, who was in Newark to take his kid shopping for a Halloween costume and stopped to assist.

He hooked up a tow rope from his vehicle to one of the disabled vehicles and then pulled it out of the water.

Afterwards, Lindsay got down on his hands and knees and fished out several handfuls of clothing from the storm drain, and the water subsided within minutes.

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Leke Babalola