Musician held a “drive up concert” at the back of a pick-up truck for neighbors in quarantine


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Tanner Howe, a professional singer and songwriter, to put his gigs on hold. As he was thinking of ways to keep performing while in quarantine, he thought, “What if we bring the music to them?”

On April 11, Tanner Howe and his family put together a “Quarantine Drive-Up Show.” They cruised around the neighborhood with Tanner singing Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t stop the Feeling!”, his dad playing the guitar, and his mom driving the pick-up truck.

The family’s plan was to surprise their friends and family in Westminster and Long Beach. But because neighbors popped out of their houses at every stop, they decided to stop and play for them too. “It turned into a neighborhood thing,” Tanner said.

The entire neighborhood brightened up during the drive-up concert. People were dancing, clapping, and singing along.

⚠️ Quarantine drive up Concert part 2?? ⚠️ First off I just want to say the response to the Quarantine Drive Up video…

Posted by Tanner Howe on Thursday, April 16, 2020

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