MTV stuns everyone with the release of a new Teen Mom show, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

MTV has a new hit! The network is famous for pumping out “mommy” TV-shows like crazy, the fans have already proclaimed MTV as the “maternity network” and it’s about to get crazier.


16 & Pregnant aired almost 10 years ago and MTV did a great job on maintaining the original crew, a.k.a the “Original Girls.” In a nutshell, ‘OG’ does indeed stand for ‘Original Girls.’

The big reveal

“The Teen Mom family is growing! 💗 Get ready for the series premiere of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant on Monday, March 12th at 10/9c on MTV!”

“We’re five very different girls, with one big thing in common, all of us are gonna become very young moms,” the trailer narrative speaks out.

Lexi, 17, Kayla, 18, Jade, 20, Briana, 17, and Ashley, 20 are all going to be a part of MTV’s new hit-series: Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

Fans react

Needless to say, the fans aren’t really thrilled with MTV’s decision to escalate the Teen Mom franchise. “A new set of girls that just had their lives paid for and won’t know the true struggle. Come on MTV stop glorifying this. 🚫” one fan said.

“Uh boy! I wonder if they will be the new rich breed? Anyone watch “Unexpected” on TLC? They don’t have MTV money so there’s small houses, money struggles, baby daddy problems and their families being straight up disappointed! Much more real imo!” another one said.