MTV just revealed the girl who’ll be taking over Farrah’s place in Season 8 of Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG will be returning to deliver the highly-anticipated season 8, and Farrah will almost certainly not be a part of it. Teen Mom aired in 2009 and is still pulling in millions of viewers.


Teen Mom OG is formerly known as ‘Teen Mom’ and was developed as a direct spin-off of 16 & Pregnant. The Teen Mom show still stands as the network’s highest-rated and continues to deliver promised content. After all, MTV’s premiere of Teen Mom pulled in approximately 2.1 million viewers.

The current “Hotshots” of Teen Mom OG are Catelynn and Tyler, Maci and Taylor, Amber and Andrew, and Farrah with Sophia.



Recent happenings

Farrah’s firing from the show, Catelynn’s rehab sessions, and Amber’s pregnancy are just top of the iceberg when it comes to Teen Mom gossip.

Farrah’s current relationship with the show is undoubtedly one of the most interesting moments of it. She was fired because of her ties to the adult industry, an industry Farrah is familiar with.

“I’ve shown my life to the upmost so we all can watch a grow as I’ve done this @Viacom doesn’t stay true to the social cause, my social justice has been served in fighting the horrible stigma surrounding being a teen mom. My brand has Out shined the Teen Mom brand I’m not glamorizing teen pregnancy my brand and who I am is fashionable, with class , makeup etc, this is how I was raised & if that’s Glamorous then let it be!” Abraham said of her current situation.


And the winner is…

Sources within MTV are now claiming that the network is considering Mackenzie Standifer as a healthy replacement for Abraham. “They are planning to pay her around $3,000 an episode to take the fourth spot on ‘Teen Mom OG,” “That would obviously be significantly less than the other girls make. It is not a done deal yet, but the consensus is that Mackenzie Edwards will get the spot. Recently, they’ve been filming her life with Ryan for Maci [Bookout]‘s segment almost more than Maci’s life. Plus, she was a teenage mother so it kind of makes sense,” the source revealed to The Ashley.



“There’s a production team that’s been going down to Oklahoma to film Mackenzie over the past few weeks,” the source added.