Michigan Distance Learning Teacher Saves Student’s Grandmother Who Was Having A Stroke


A first-grade teacher at Edgewood Elementary School was working with students on Sept. 22 when she learned one of them was having technical struggles with the district’s distance-learning equipment as her student’s device was not charging.

The teacher (Koch) made contact with the grandmother of the student and observed something wasn’t right. Koch said, “When she started speaking, I could tell that there was something wrong. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but there was something wrong.”

It turns out that Cynthia Phillips (the grandmother) was having a stroke and was in desperate need of emergency help. Koch swiftly contacted the administrators, who called 911. Medics got to her on time and rushed Phillips to the hospital for treatment.

Koch’s action made a critical difference & she was happy she was able to be there when her student needed her most.

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Leke Babalola