Men challenged to answer what makes them feel so manly, Here’s The Responses


Men, just like women, can be challenged in a lot of creative ways. In the age of the internet, challenges can go viral in a matter of minutes, as it always happens.


Even Superman isn’t immune to a good challenge. Some of the most popular ones are: “The Running Man Challenge,” “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” “Mannequin Challenge,” “Tide pod challenge,” and so on…

While the ASL bucket challenge was super-productive and ended up raising well over $100 million, some of the challenges are blatantly ridiculous and stupid, such as the “Tide pod” challenge.

In the last month of 2017, the tide pod meme was popularized by the use of social media channels and it quickly went viral.


After realizing the potential danger of millennials consuming the tide pods, the company that produces them partnered with New England Patriots to spread out this message: “What the heck is going on, people? Use Tide Pods for washing. Not eating. Do not eat.”

Disclaimer: the girl in the featured image was used for illustrative purposes only, as the question was asked by a female user of Reddit.

“Men of reddit, what makes you feel manly?”


Men can often be lead by their pride and ego, but they really opened up when it comes to their ‘manliness.’

So cute!

“Carrying my sister’s kids (two nephews and a niece) around. They always ask me to pick them up whenever I see them, so I started lifting weights a couple years ago just so that I could continue doing it as they got bigger.

It worked out as I intended, I got a lot stronger and now the boys are nine years old and I can still carry one of them under each arm. They love it since their mother can’t pick them up anymore, and their happiness makes me feel good too.”

Come feel the power!

“Opening a jar that no one else was able to open. Fuck yeah,” one user wrote.


“Hanging a towel off of my erection after a shower.”

So romantic!

“I LOVE the look my girlfriend gives me when I do something romantic for her, or right before/after we’re in bed. It’s this adoring look where she really admires who I am and how happy I make her. It makes me feel like the manliest man in the world, because in that brief moment, I am the complete and total focus of her attention and interest. It doesn’t matter that there are a lot of taller, more successful, or better looking men out there because right there and then, in her eyes, I am victorious.”

The feels!

“Having your girlfriend sleeping with her head on your chest and your arm around her, best manly feeling in the world for me.”


“Taking care of my family.

Doing my job well, cooking, fixing crap around the house, making love with my wife and having great times with the kids.”


“Building meaningful things.

I recently built a koi/garden pond in my yard. It began as a chunk of earth, just a barren section of my yard. Now it is its own little ecosystem. I put in the rocks, the water, the plants, the koi, and I maintain the processes that keep them healthy and happy. Then all the other stuff happened. Bullfrogs came in during springtime and croaked at night and put me to sleep. They mated and my pond spawned thousands of tadpoles. The fish ate many, but some grew into frogs and eventually left the pond. Now they are in all areas of my yard. Then my koi mated. I named them all. I got attached. One day a heron came and ate several of them. I was very upset. Then plants I didnt put in the pond started to grow-even lilies. Chipmunks built dens under the rock shelves around the pond and had chipmunk babies. The heron returned, and I slew him.”

Last but not least

“Wearing pink shirts,” someone admitted.

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