Matt Baier’s Book Sales aren’t going well, He’s only sold this much so far


The male Teen Mom OG star, Matt Baier, is heavily focused on promoting his new book. The book itself has been up for sale since June 2017.
According to the Novel/Book sales tracking site – Novel Rank, Matt has only sold 198 copies so far. Amazon’s description

Amazon’s description reads – “Deadbeat Dad. Con Artist. Liar. Manipulator. If you believe the tabloid press about Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier, your opinions of him are most likely wrapped in scandalous rumors and gossip.”

Forget everything you think you know about the tattooed, gravel-voiced reality TV star. In You Have No F**king Idea, Matt breaks his silence for the first time and sets the story straight by delving into his past, present and future—fully exposing the naked truth about his life—once and for all.

Novel Rank

The last sale on occurred about 5 days ago, bringing him closer to the magic number of 200. Although the magic number of 200 wasn’t achieved yet, it has found its way to 153 customers on Amazon, mostly unsatisfied customers.

Somehow, most of the book reviews are negative. Out of 42 book reviews, there are at least 36 negative ones. The book’s paperback cover spells: “You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life,” with Matt Baier as the author and Amber Portwood as the foreword. / Real Mr. Housewife

The book was co-written by Matt Richards, who owns the Real Mr. Housewife blog. This book was originally scheduled to release in May, but that didn’t happen. It was postponed and it landed in June. We’re already half-way through this year and September didn’t start off great for the sales, only 3 book sales happened in this month.

Novel Rank

The whole idea was to give the fans “backstage” experience, it has been reported that MTV banned around 15,000 words from his new book, due to the fact it revealed too many things. Viacom, the parent of MTV, lawyered-up to inform Baier and the publisher to cut around 15k words from his new book. Apparently, they weren’t happy to see so many secretive moments flying around, especially around Farrah Abraham and her family.

“We decided that a book was a smart idea, as it would be a definitive way to finally respond to everything, once and for all, It would also be all in my words, with no one able to ‘pick and choose’ which parts of what I’m saying they want to put in a story as some publications typically do,” he said. “I look forward to sharing my story once and for all and hopefully showing you all that you really have no idea who I am. I’m truly not the guy I’ve been painted to be and can’t wait to share my story with you,” Baier added.

The book signings happened in June, in Indiana and Massachusetts. Boston, Massachusetts is the birthplace of the author, he’s reportedly working on a new book titled: “Guys Don’t Rat on Guys.”

Prior to his Teen Mom appearance, Matt was a determined poker player. Despite the 19-year difference between him and Amber, they still managed to end up together, with that being multiple times. The proposal was done in November 2014, their engagement was called off due to mutual reasons.

Amber seems to be enjoying her free time with her daughter, away from the noise.


Although there is no confirmation of Amber’s new relationship, a few days ago, a photo of an unknown man was uploaded to her Instagram feed, since then it has been deleted.

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