Man who loved firefights passed away, his final journey was an incredible one to see

The sad news broke that a 47-year-old man who had Down Syndrome died suddenly… so 30 of his heroes came together to make sure his final journey was an incredible one.

Credit: Zofiia Rose

Since Ove was a child, he idolized firefighters. He was unarguably the biggest fan of firefighters and fire trucks in Denmark! He decorated his room with pictures and posters of everything related to fire trucks and firemen. His shelves were even stacked with fire trucks! He was brought so much joy by passing fire trucks on the street.

Credit: Zofiia Rose

When he sadly passed away, one of the people who worked at the assisted living place he’d been staying posted a heartfelt plea on Facebook asking for six generous firefighters to carry the casket at his funeral.

Credit: Zofiia Rose

The post received 348 shares on Facebook, it read:

We’re just gonna have to make this happen… we have to do this from the heart of!

I’m looking for….

6 firefighters who want to make a whole family and whole institution (all employees through 30 years) happy on Friday 9 February.

Here in the picture you see ove and a fireman. Ove had down syndrome and died suddenly the other day. He was only in the mid-40 s.

Ove was undoubtedly Denmark’s largest fire and brandbils fan, and his room was decorated with pictures and posters of firefighters and fire trucks, and he had a large collection of fire trucks standing on all shelves.

The best in ove’s life was when he was allowed to watch a fire truck drive on the street, and sometimes even got to get close to them, and on the fine firefighters. Then happiness was done in ove and he could talk about it nonstop for weeks afterwards. He wasn’t gonna shoot through!
And that’s how it was from he was very small and until he took his last breath last week.

Now ove funeral on Friday, and the only right way to carry him out of the church is with 6 Firefighters, 1 in every handle on the coffin.
There’s just no other options that are as real as this one…

It’s hard to tell with words how real this feels inside me. It’s such a “I just know” feeling…
(maybe you know that? )

Our own rustvognschauffør is a fireman, and of course he also comes in his brandmandsdragt, and runs ove from the church in the hearse, with the suit on.

The whole family, all leaders and employees of the fine institution where ove lived for 30 years and I myself will be happy in all cells if we can succeed in lifting this task.

For Ove’s sake. He deserves that.

So are you a fireman or do you know a firefighter who has off Friday and who wants to come and wear Denmark’s biggest fire fan, ove, out of church on Friday?

It’s just minutes of your time that we want.

It’s going on in buddinge church, søborg, and I can’t even with words tell you how big a difference you will do in ove’s family, institution staff and my life if you want to give us your ærebare time, in brandmandsdragt, on Friday …

(this post is of course made with full acceptance and approval from the family).

Can you help us?

Credit: Zofiia Rose

On the day of the funeral, 30 firefighters from several towns within the area arrived to participate in the service.

Credit: Zofiia Rose

Credit: Zofiia Rose

Credit: Zofiia Rose

Zofiia Rose, who made the plea on Facebook wrote a lovely update.

“Thank you to each and every one of you. You’ve really made a difference to many people on Friday.. and you’ve helped instill hope and faith in the good in the world again,”

“And you have made a certain gentleman very happy, even though he is not here on earth anymore. I have no doubt that he followed, and cheered dearly.”