Man Loses 100 Pounds By Eating Nothing But Potatoes For A Year And Is Healthier Than Ever – Here’s How He Did It!


A Melbourne father has managed to lose 110 pounds after eating only potatoes for an entire year, and says he feels healthier and happier than ever!


Upon adopting his potato-only diet, which he planned to be on for a year in a bid to lose weight, Andrew Flinders Taylor said people thought he was going crazy for doing such a thing.

Although most nutritionists would not recommend following such a diet, as it’s so restrictive, Andrew believed he could get everything his body needed from potatoes by mixing together sweet and white varieties.

This is because eating white potatoes alone would result in vitamin deficiencies, so it was very important that Andrew ate sweet potatoes too.


Speaking to The Independent, Taylor said,

“I’m getting over 600 per cent of my daily iron retirements and over 400 per cent of vitamin c as well as heaps of fibre – all things that so-called experts have said I’d be low in today. The only thing of concern was calcium, potatoes have calcium but maybe not enough. To be sure I’m using a calcium fortified organic soy milk to make mashed potatoes.”

Andrew has since created the website ‘Spudfit’ where he talks of the process he went through, and how others can adopt the same diet!


“My health just continues to improve. I had high cholesterol but now it’s low, my blood pressure has dropped and my sugar level has dropped, every time I get a new blood test, it just gets better,” Andrew said.

When he started the eating plan, he did next to no exercise, but now does an hour a day workout on his exercise bike!

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