Man donates 5,000 sandwiches to thank hospital staff for saving his life


David Coury underwent cancer surgery last month at the University Hospital in Cleveland amidst the the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then at that moment that he realized he needed to thank the hospital staff.

“I just looked around, and it was amazing to me to see all of these people going about their business, carefully, but still they were taking care of everybody else, including me. It just moved me,” Coury told CNN.

So Coury, along with his family and a few Subway employees, worked up all night for 12 hours straight. They made and delivered 5,000 sandwiches to the University Hospital to show their gratitude towards the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

“The kindness that David showed to our team is really remarkable. It’s important that our community rallies together and supports one another during these unprecedented times,” said Dr. Theodoros N. Teknos, Coury’s physician.

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