This little girl collected 207 love letters for her depressed grandma

At just four weeks old, it became clear Clarissa and her Granny Denise would be the best of friends.

As a baby, Clarissa begun sleeping over at Granny’s house on Friday nights, giving her mummy and daddy a well deserved date night. Since then, the pair have also spent school holidays together and go on trips to the coast together!

After developing an aneurysm in the brain, Denise begun to feel depressed. It was Clarissa, who is now age four, noticed this first. She took matters into her own hands.

“She decided to do something special to cheer up Granny,” said Felicity Greenfield, Clarissa’s mum, who lives in Derbyshire and is 23 years old, says.


“Clarissa has a lot of special memories with my mum and cares very deeply for her. There hasn’t been a day in Clarissa’s life when they haven’t spoken.

“She wanted to get letters from places they’d been together and places that Granny wanted to go.

“My mum loves it at Land’s End, in Cornwall, so Clarissa asked if we can get a message from the pirates there.”

Clarissa and Felicity planned to make a scrapbook with the letters to give to Denise on her 52nd birthday, in March.


At the end of January, Felicity put a call out on Facebook and waited with her daughter to see what would happen.

From all around the world, China, Australia, Hong Kong and Australia, messaged begun to pour in. In the first week alone, Clarissa and Felicity received more than 160 letters for Granny!

They were also sent notes by Derby County footballers, as well as famous attractions. These included the Shard in London and Clarissa’s personal favourite… a donkey sanctuary in Cornwall.


“‘Are there any more letters?” Clarissa keeps asking, Felicity says, adding: “What started off as a silly idea really has now become this big thing.”

“I think people want to get involved because it’s from a little girl to her Granny.”

“We’re really hopeful that this will cheer her up – since her first aneurysm, in 2015, her health has been deteriorating.

“She’s lost some mobility and can’t do the same things anymore.”

The total has since reached over 200 letters!

It became difficult to hide the mission when the Facebook call spread so quickly, but Denise still has no idea of the full extent of what her granddaughter has managed to do for her.

“I’m not allowed to see all the messages, so the final scrapbook will be a surprise,” Denise says.


“As a granny and a mum, you always think what you’re doing is normal – so it’s nice to see how loving Clarissa is.”

“I’m really proud of her.”

Denise says: “With my illness, I just try to get on the best I can – but it is what it is.”

And realising that strangers around the world had sent messages was “amazing”.


She says: “It’s lovely to see that people are taking time out of their lives.

“You just think everyone is so wrapped in their own world and things can be very gloomy, so this really puts a smile on my face.

“I’ll always treasure it, and it will be one of Clarissa’s memories in the future.”