Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are dating again, according to the fans that have some slick evidence

Leah Messer has sparked the fan’s imagination by writing off love poems on Instagram and Twitter. Leah Messer first appeared on 16 & Pregnant, following the release of the second season of the show. She later went on to continue her Teen Mom career by taking place in Teen Mom 2.


Leah started her relationship timeline with Corey Tyler Simms in 2009. After she gave birth to their twin daughters, their relationship quickly went downhill and never fully recovered. They split in early 2010 but decided to give it another shot.


They revived their relationship and even became engaged in 2010, but that didn’t last long. Since Jeremy Calvert’s debut in August 2011, Leah realized that he might be the one she wants to spend her time with. After Leah’s miscarriage in January 2012, the relationship between the two only went downhill, although the miscarriage may not be the main reason why it happened.

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Getting back together?

Leah started the rumor mill by tweeting out: “You make me wanna write a song 😊♥️” Almost immediately, fans started wondering “Who is he who is he!?! 🤗” “Who is this mystery man? 🤔😍”

Jeremy ended his on-again-off relationship with Broke Wehr and she made it clear by posting a meme captioned: “Y’all were my favorite couple, what happened?” the meme said,”First of all, [you are] in his DMs calling him cute right now.” “#shady,” #b-tches,” and “#happenseveryday.”

“The more you live without expectation, operate from kindness and love without condition, the happier you will be. Being good to yourself and others has an immediate impact on your quality of life,” Leah recently wrote on Instagram.

Reportedly, Leah had nothing to do with their breakup, “It had absolutely nothing to do with Leah, Leah’s name was never one time mentioned in our breakup, she was not the cause of anything,” Brooke said.


“When ur ex-wife sends you pics of ur child…now days that’s not allowed if ur dating someone,” the 28-year-old wrote in the caption of the now-deleted post. “I feel horrible, I should have pulled my head out of my ass and stood up for myself and my child. But [thank] God I did before it was [too] late to do so. Addie will always come before any woman I settle down with from now on. She will be there for me when others won’t be,” he said of their relationship.