Leah Messer confirms that she’s dating Jeremy Calvert again, reveals spicy details

One of your favorite Teen Mom couples is back at it again! Leah has a long timeline of dating her ex-boyfriend and this one adds up perfectly. She was introduced as one of the “good girls” of the show, but she sure is a naughty girl right now!


The 25-year-old Teen Mom 2 star started off her dating timeline with Corey Simms, whom she shares 2 daughters with. Leah was only dating with Corey for a mere month, when she discovered that the twins are on their way. Their years-long relationship had its ups and downs but it ended in June 2011.

Leah with her two beautiful daughters


Messer started dating Jeremy Calvert in August 2011, just months after her breakup with Corey. Calvert soon made Leah his wife but things were rough for them and didn’t turn out the right way.

Hooking up again


Although the couple ended their marriage in 2015, there are still some emotions floating around.

“She revealed she and Jeremy have been hooking up, and that it is not going to stop anytime soon,” an insider revealed to Radar Online. “She says that they are just having fun and she’s got it all under control,” the source added.


The couple is currently co-parenting Addie, but previously denied rumors of getting back together. “Jeremy’s always flirted with me after the divorce, Do I think there’s still feelings there? Yeah,” Leah said of their relationship.

“Let your thoughts come and go. Observe them without judgment. Be mindful of not allowing them to control you. Instead choose your beliefs based on what feels good. The greater your self worth, the more you will trust your truth and the less you will allow passing thoughts dictate your mood,” Leah wrote on Instagram.