Lawyer Gives Up 6-Figure Salary To Teach, Sending 95% Of Students To Top Universities


A well respected lawyer give up their job in the city that made them six figures a year, to teach students in his hometown and lead them into successful lives.

Credit: The NCS

Mouhssin Ismail quit his high paying job at the international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright to teach young students, and now has a more fulfilling job in charge of Newham Collegiate Sixth Form in East London.

Talking to The Daily Mail, Islaim stated “I left a high paying job in the City because I wanted to make a difference to the people I knew and grew up with,” continuing “Those whose potential went unfulfilled because of where they grew up.”
In Mouhssin’s first year alone, 190 of his 200 students secured university places at Russell Group universities, nine even received offers from Oxford or Cambridge, with one receiving an offer from MIT in the USA.

Credit: Cambridge University

On the night Ismail decided to leave his high paying job at the law firm, he was working on a £50 million pound finance deal, however realised he felt unfulfilled.

In an interview, Ismail stated “I didn’t think, ‘that’s great, I have just done another £50 million deal,’ I thought, ‘am I making a contribution to society?'”.

Ismail says his vision for the sixth form he now works at is to make sure that all the young people he teaches leave with the skills and knowledge to be able to chose what they want a career in, and to become the leaders of the future.

Ismail says when he tells pupils at induction for his college that they could be prime minister of this country one day, they mostly laugh, thinking it’s a joke, but he really believes in them and isn’t joking.

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