Kailyn Lowry gets slammed for giving her son Lux a beer


Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third son, Lux Russel, in August 2017. “Lux Russell, 08/05/17 ???? 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 3/4” born at 3 am on the dot. It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official ????”


Lowry is currently co-parenting Lux with his biological father, Chris Lopez. She definitely admitted to taking her time with the naming of Lux, “it only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official…” Kailyn admits.


“I finally decided on a name because it felt like I was going nowhere with Chris trying to decide, Lux is different but not completely off-the-wall,” she admits.

Not done yet


Even though she already had 3 boys, Kailyn isn’t ready to give up, just yet. “I want one more,” Lowry confirmed while chatting with her fellow co-star, Chelsea Houska.

“I think we should make a pact that you and Cole and I’ll go to the sperm bank and we’ll all get pregnant together at the same time,” she joked on her podcast.

A source close to Kailyn revealed that “If Kailyn were to meet the right guy and he wanted children of his own with her, then yeah, you can bet she would have more.”

The problematic picture


“Ma young boy,” Lowry captioned this ‘problematic’ picture, according to the many of fans.

“I know it’s unopened but why do people think it’s cute to make babies/children pose with alcohol like this? I don’t get it,” one fan wrote.

“This is in poor taste. Maybe Kail’s baby daddy’s have been the glue that keeps her parenting shit together this entire time,” a fan pointed out.

“Am I the only one more concerned with that baby cutting up his gums if he tries to gnaw on that bottle cap than the fact that it’s beer?”

Others considered it fairly normal, saying things like “I’m surprised by all the pearl-clutching. It’s just a goofy candid pic. Considering how substance abuse doesn’t seem to be an issue with Lux’s parents, I don’t see what the big deal is…”

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